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What Our Clients Are Saying


Eric and Julie were a pleasure to work with. Unlike other contractors, this dynamic duo is organized, timely, and fastidious. I am so grateful for their work in our house. Over two different projects, Eric and Julie helped us plan, design, and build a new powder room and a finished basement with an additional full bath, bedroom, and bonus room. Everything was done with the utmost of care, attention to detail, and speed. I cannot recommend Julie and Eric enough!Read More

Good Workmanship, good communication. Very helpful making recommendations staying on budget. Would strongly recommend them. Brought the project in on schedule.Read More

We did get several bids for our major remodeling project and decided to go with Constructive Builders based on the favorable reviews from the past and the detail of thier proposal. We were not disappointed! From start to finish Eric and Julie did an amazing job on our major remodeling project. They came within budget and the quality of the work was top notch. They also communicated well during the process when circumstances changed, which happens often with the uncertainanty of a remodel. If you want it done right the first time and a highly professional crew I would suggest you give them an opportunity as their work and process speaks for itself.Read More

We hired Constructive Builders for a small renovation in our previous home. We had such a great experience with Constructive that we decided to work with them again on a renovation of our new home. Eric & Julie provide a high level of expertise in home renovation. The quality and detail of their carpentry and design is remarkable. They projected an accurate timeline for the completion of the project, communicated well & worked to stay within our budget. We would highly recommend Constructive Builders!Read More

I have been so very pleased with the work of Constructive Builders. They pretty much refreshed my entire house - completely redid 3 bathrooms, many new windows, much new flooring, all ceilings scraped, patched and painted, all walls, patched and painted, closets reworked, new decking, new water heater, much new electrical work, hvac work, new light fixtures, some moved walls, repaired and painted entire exterior of house. All in all, it seems like a new house! Constructive Builders worked within the time frame they projected, even though I asked them to add more work as we went along. Their budgeting was excellent, so did not go over projection, unless I asked for added projects. Their work is beautifully done. They really are perfectionists. There were no delays and all workers were very easy and adaptable to work with. Julie gave great design help! I would recommend this group to anyone.Read More

Constructive Builders is a top-notch, high-quality company. Owners Erik & Julie together have all the skills necessary to get you from concept to completed project. Everything we asked of them in our multi-level + exterior remodel/update, they delivered. Highly recommended. (In fact, they are slowly transforming our neighborhood, one house at a time.)Read More

We cannot say enough good things about Julie, Eric & the Constructive Builders team! We underwent an entire 1st floor renovation while living in the house with a 1.5 year old and 4.5 year old. Constructive Builders completed the reno in under 3.5 months. They were ahead of schedule by 2-3 weeks for at least the first two months which is unheard of when it comes to contractors!! If someone were to ask us if we’d do it again, knowing what we know now, we’d say yes! From start to finish we felt we were in great hands. It was important to us to find a contracting team who was good at communicating, trustworthy, paid attention to detail and who had our best interests at hand– someone we could lean on for their knowledge and expertise. We felt like Constructive Builders encompassed that and so much more. We hammered out a design with the help of an architect for spacial planning(highly recommend this step) and Eric & Julie came back with a final estimate based on our decisions/wants. The estimated numbers came back higher than we anticipated and they offered some different scenarios in order to make it work. One being we could do it in phases. In the end we decided to do it all at once and take out a small loan to cover the overage. We are so glad we did! Keeping track of important decisions and staying on budget is hard! Julie & Eric did an impeccable job with this including estimates. Their estimates were spot on and they were very upfront with any unknowns that we may encounter as the project continued. Looking back on the budget and the designated allotments for different items we either came in exactly at what they estimated or slightly under. Anytime we wanted to add something or upgrade we were given a gentle reminder that that decision would cost more. Throughout the design process and the actual renovation Julie, Eric and Jake were extremely patient with us as I needed to usually digest things a bit in order to make a decision. Julie would often send me a note a week or two ahead of time saying these are the things you should be thinking about and when those decisions needed to be made! I would process things and then often bounce my ideas off her to get her opinion to help me make a final decision. This was key in giving me enough time to made a solid informed decision without feeling rushed. My biggest worry as a perfectionist with a designers eye was that I would make the wrong choice and regret it. As I mentioned we lived in the house during the whole renovation. Everyone on the constructive builders team was extremely courteous and polite! They were kind and friendly with us and our girls. One morning I came downstairs to hear Jake and Charlotte the 4.5 year old belting out some Disney song together! Jake seemed to enjoy it just as much as my daughter. And my youngest became obsessed with saying “Jake.” For those 3.5 months the constructive builders team became a 2nd family! The team would wait to start any loud “to do’s” until after the girls had left for daycare. They cleaned up each afternoon and were extremely thorough especially on Fridays knowing we’d be in the house all weekend! We were very impressed with Constructive Builders attention to detail and craftsmanship. From our beautifully laid & crafted wood stairs, slat stairwell, and handrail to the tile work, trim, flooring and edging we felt like we received solid craftsmanship! You can tell Constructive Builders takes pride in their work. It’s not just another job to them. The small amount of subcontractors they do use were all vetted and courteous as well! We are incredibly happy with the end result of our renovation and partnering with Constructive Builders to do the work! Our house truly was transformed in the best possible way! It went from dated and drab to airy, light filled, & modern. We’ve hosted several parties and the layout lends itself impeccably well for entertaining. We are beyond thrilled and blessed that we get to live in this space each day! We highly recommend Constructive Builders and would hire them again in a heartbeat.Read More

We had a clear vision for the remodeling of our small upstairs bathroom in our 1914 NE Minneapolis home. Julie and Eric, with Constructive Builders, not only made our vision come true, they used their experience to make it come true based on the limited square footage. Julie was a great resource in directing us towards design options and cost effective purchases. Once the walls and floors were opened up we ran into a couple of unexpected challenges, but Jake, the Site Manager, kept us informed and offered solutions that kept us within our budget. Jake and his team were also excellent in keeping a clean construction site and interacting with our two young kids and dog. We highly recommend Constructive Builders for any construction/remodeling needs.Read More

We had a great experience working with the Constructive team! Eric, Julie, and their crew were true partners as we gutted and remodeled a 60's rambler over 4 months. While it felt like on any given week, there were 100 different things happening, Eric's professionalism, calmness, and approachability established a high level of trust with my wife and I. On top of that, their accuracy in predicting the scope and length of the project exceeded our expectations. Even after the project, we continue to notice details that they took the extra time on to ensure the job was done right. They are true craftsmen.Read More

Really can't say enough good things about Constructive Builders. Julie, Eric, Jake and the entire crew were phenomenal partners. Start to finish, they were highly efficient, on schedule and we love the final product (full home remodel including a second floor addition). Julie helped achieve our design aesthetic while Eric and crew executed as planned. They were really eager to make sure we were happy and would often brainstorm ideas to execute our goals on budget and with quality. The follow up has been impressive. A year later, they have returned to button up a few items as promised . They treat us with respect and as if we are customers for life (love our home but would build with them again in a heartbeat), and that feels good. We feel lucky to have worked with Constructive Builders.Read More

Eric, Julie and the crew with Constructive Builders were great to work with! Communication was excellent and the work was done on schedule. They take pride in their work, and the quality reflects that. . We were given a budget and costs were very transparent; the construction came in on budget. They are great people to work with and we highly recommend the company!Read More

We would unequivocally recommend Constructive Builders. Eric, Julie and their team were talented, experienced and very patient with our process. For a challenging remodel, they were remarkable at keeping the project on schedule and the costs controlled. When the architectural designs required changes, they had great alternative ideas. We did not use an interior designer but with Eric and Julie's feedback and guidance, we got the house we wanted. Julie even accompanied us on several trips to look at countertops and tile. They promptly responded to our questions and concerns in a thoughtful and organized manner. we would use them again for any projectRead More

Eric and his team are pros! They helped us build our dream deck despite the barriers that where in front of us. The team kept a clean site, they where respectful and my kids loved watching the progress. I can not tell you the number of comments we get about the quality and craftsmanship. Constructive Builders was on point, right down to the little details! I have recommended them to everyone I know .Read More

We absolutely love our new kitchen addition; these guys do quality work and truly care about achieving your vision. Our project was completed on time and within budget. We have done major renovations in the past and I can say without a doubt this was the best overall experience we've had. Julie, Eric, and Jake were easy to work with, responsive, creative, and flexible around changes in scope we made along the way. Their experience and knowledge facilitated some out-of-the-box solutions that made our project more personal and more affordable. We also really appreciated their straight-ahead, transparent approach to the estimate process and pricing. It was important to us to work with a company big enough to do the work efficiently but small enough to have that personal touch - and they were the perfect choice. Thanks Constructive!Read More

I worked with Eric and Julie from day one on a major house renovation. They could not have been more professional in every aspect of the project. From the initial detailed scope and bid, through all phases of construction and design, and the final clean up and walk through I knew exactly what was happening and why.Read More

We worked with Julie and Eric a year ago on remodeling 2 bathrooms. About 12 years ago, we did a complete remodel of our kitchen and our rather painful experience made us wary of going through the whole experience of remodeling but we knew we needed to update our 40+ year old bathrooms with lamimate sheet flooring that was peeling, a tile wall where the grout was cracking, 1960s laminate counters and a sink that was, frankly, worse than a 3rd world hostel bathroom sink. We were so pleasantly surprised by our experience in working with Eric and Julie. To set the tone, Julie took the time to prequalify us to ensure that our expectations were in line with their business model before movng ahead - it signaled to us that they weren't out to just get business for business' sake. When Eric came out, we discussed our vision as well as our budget and also got some great ideas that we didn't get from the other companes that we interviewed. Another sellng point - some of the larger companies send out a "pre-sales" guy to do the estimating and quoting and that's the last you'll see of him/her - that's definitely not the case working with Julie & Eric - they were there from the beginning right to the end - and that was important to us. During our 6 month decision process, we shopped around and got quotes from 4 different companies. Constructive Builders was not the cheapest company that we received a quote from, nor were they the most expensive. In fact, they were in the upper 3rd of the price quotes. The range of quotes we received was +/- 40%. But price isn't everything - for example, only 2 of the companies I contacted were willing to break down their quotes and offer the transparency that I was looking for. And there's more... Subcontractors - oftentimes, they are a temporary relationship. If you're out there getting quotes, ask how long their sub contractors have been working for them and how how much of their business is coming from them. Everyone we worked with - the painters, the plumber and the electrician seemed to share the same values in terms of communication, transparency and partnership with their clients. Off to my soapbox: what I've personally hated about the whole remodeling process is the lack of visibility in timelines and accountability as well what things really cost and tradeoffs involved. That's probably why we put off this project for as long as we did. As a business owner myself, I provide full transparency to my clients in terms of the cost of the work that I perform and put myself in the shoes of my client in terms of helping them engage me in the work that is truly value added and provide them with trade offs. So why wouldn't I expect the same of someone else I do business with? Oftentimes, it feels like a black hole when you tell your contractor that you want to switch out a Delta faucet for a Grohe faucet, for example. All you get told is the incremental cost. As a 21st century consumer, I do my research online, comparison shop online and make my purchases online. HSo many of the companies I contacted appear to live in an antiquated 20th century notion where the consumer has absolutely no visibility into and pricing of those options. Let's reflect the way the real world works, folks! Constructive Builders provided clear pricing transparency and allowed us to make the purchases whereever we wanted but provided the expertise that comes with their experience with dozens of remodels. Julie helped facilitate those purchases - whether they were online for our sink and cabinet choices, at the Tile Shop to get samples and make choices for our tile, Menards for our shelving and Home Depot for our sliding doors. I appreciated the advice that we got - case in point, I had found a sink online and Juliesteered me away from it noting that it might be too shallow for what we wanted and she provided 2 other options that might be a better fit within the same price range. When we worked on the upstairs shower, we originally had purchased an $95 drain accessory and Jake mentioned that a similar item would be $10 so Julie helped faciliate a return and exchange - yes, when spending upwards of $50,000 for a project, it seems trivial but stuff like that adds up and I have to believe that the less scrupulous or caring companies wouldn't have gone the extra mile. During the entire process, my husband had 2 hip replacement surgeries leaving him at home for almost 12 weeks. Jake and his crew were extremely accomodating of the fact that he was hobbling and chair bound for several weeks. The distruption was minimal and we were always kept abreast of when the plumbing and electrical work would be happening. Long story short, I wish we hadn't waited as long as we did to remodel our bathrooms, given the positive experience we had with Julie, Eric, Jake and crew. At the end of this 4-5 month process, we felt we made friends that we could sit down and have a beer with (which we did do with Jake and Nathan) and wouldn't hesitate to do another project with this very excellent company. Selfishly, I would want to keep Constructve Builders a well hidden secret among the very few but at the same time, they are such a cut above, I feel compelled to write this review. Please feel free to reach out to me if you should have any questions about working with Julie, Eric and team. Spending your hard earned dollars on a large investment is not a decision to be taken lightly and so it's worth doing your homework. Constructive Builders was a great fit for us and we were happy with the results we got with the craftsmanship but most of all, the feeling that we formed a partnership.Read More

We did a large basement remodel and Eric and Julie were fantastic to work with and their team was always very professional. They were quick with follow up and answering questions and were willing to give suggestions on how to stay on budget. The tile work their team did in our bathroom is absolutely stunning, my new favorite room in our house. Julie was extremely helpful when I was picking our finishes and Eric was great about letting me know the schedule and when his team would be in our house and what they would be working on. Overall I would highly recommend Constructive Builders for any home remodel project.Read More

Eric and Julie from Constructive Builders were a pleasure to work with. They got the job done in a timely manner and were responsive to our requests along the way. They also were abundantly transparent from the start, making us very comfortable with the process right away. Our new basement looks amazing! We will surely reach out to Constructive Builders for any future remodeling needs.Read More

Constructive Builders built a kitchen/dining area addition, deck and remodeled a bedroom for our 1958 ranch home. We were very pleased with the value and professionalism that Constructive Builders brought to our project. When the job was completed we felt that we were treated us fairly and felt very satisfied with the finished project and that we got what we had paid for. We would definitely hire Constructive Bulders again and recommend them to our friend and neighbors. Some thought on our project experience with Constructive Builders: •Took our plans and provided a thorough scoping document and estimate. •Shared suggestions on what we could do to improve our project. •Our family felt very comfortable having the Constructive Builders team (Eric, Jake, Nate, Mike, Jaime) in our house during the renovation they were all very personable and accommodating to our 2 year old and dog. •We lived in the house during the renovation and crews did a great job to make sure the house was cleaned as good as possible before they left for the day. •Eric (owner) or Jake ( Site Manager) were on site supervising and working with the crews and were very involved in supervising and overseeing the project. •Julie did a good job of communicating with us and making sure that we were up to speed on when our selections needed to be made for finishes and tracking our spend and invoicing. •Eric and Julie did a good job of taking our design/finish ideas and implementing them into our build and also gave us suggestions and there opinion when we asked. •They hired quality professional subcontractors. •We felt that there was a high level of quality and they did not cut corners. •There were very few change orders or out of scope items that came up. •The project was on schedule. •We did not have any punch list items at the completions of the project.Read More

Constructive Builders did a fantastic job on essentially our whole house remodel. Our project involved, among other things (from top of the house to bottom): (1) combining two bedrooms to create a master bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet; (2) new guest bathroom with all new fixtures, vanity, and countertops; (3) new kitchen, including cabinets, appliances, and countertops; (4) new mudroom created after removal of fireplace and chimney; (5) new windows on each level; (6) new floors on every level, including resurfacing of hardwood floors; (7) new lighting on every level; (8) new powder room; (9) new doors; (10) shiplap on large wall; (11) new custom iron railing; and (12) new--less glamorous--fundamentals, such as shingles, insulation, and reframing. Constructive Builders was fantastic and someone we would hire again for a major or minor remodel or new construction for three reasons. First, the result: it's what we wanted, what we expected, and is gorgeous. From creative, eye-catching details like utilizing recycled hardwood flooring as bench tops in the mudroom and a window seat (thanks Jake), to detailed tile work in the new bathrooms (thanks Nate and Jake), to main rooms, like the kitchen, that just turned out great, visitors have often commented that it's like something from a magazine. Second, reliability: when we called Eric or Julie, they responded promptly. When we asked for design ideas, like options for a huge shiplap wall, they had them. When we asked for a cost estimate for a new item, they gave one quickly. In short, Eric, Julie, and the team responded with the client service we expected. Third, value: Constructive Builders is in the sweet-spot of the work to value ration. They offer excellent craftsmanship, creative details, and pride of the owner actually being on-site “pounding the nails,” yet in the end we still said, “wow, we got all this for that.” Basically, you get what you pay for, and with Constructive Builders, you get a lot.Read More

Eric and Julie at Constructive Builders were great to work with throughout the entire renovation project. Just like their website says, they truly offer a positive building experience. From the start, they took the time to understand what I wanted for a renovation and designed a plan to meet my needs and budget. Their industry knowledge really helped during the material selection process, as they explained both the material options and construction process to allow me to make informed decisions. They were always good at follow up, and answered all questions or concerns promptly. The communication was fantastic, which left no surprises during the job. The entire team was always courteous and professional, and always showed up on schedule to get the job done. It was nice to be able to trust the team to take care of my home, even when not home during the renovation. I appreciated the care they took to keep my home clean during construction, both inside and out. I’m very pleased with the final result! It’s been a very positive experience, and I have already recommended Constructive Builders to others looking for renovations. Thank you Eric, Julie and Team!Read More

We hired Constructive Builders to remodel our basement bathroom. I initially chose to contact Constructive Builders based on the reviews on Houzz and they amazing remodeling pictures that were shown on their website. I was very impressed once I met with them for the initial estimate of the project - very profession and detailed. Receiving a full breakdown of costs and allowances for the build made it very easy to keep track of the spending. The remodeling process was quick and painless. They provided regular updates on the progress of the remodel, next steps, and quickly informed us of any unexpected finds. The finished bathroom turned out better than I expected and I would not hesitate to work with them again for future projects. Thank you for the great work!!Read More

We hired Constructive builders to remodel our kitchen/family room as well as convert a covered porch into a mudroom. Constructive builders did an excellent job from the initial consultation through the final checklist. Eric and Julie were very responsive with respect to communication regarding budget and scope of work. Eric was incredibly flexible as I made changes to the scope of work and was able to keep our project timeline on track even when materials I had ordered were delayed. Eric really listened to us during the planning phase and was able to present us with different floor plan options to see what would work best for our family. He worked with us to blend different elements from various proposals to create the perfect space while respecting our budget. The quality of workmanship in our home was excellent. All of the floors and carpentry finish work are impeccable. Jake and Eric went the extra mile when trimming out our eight foot window in the new family room. I have received multiple compliments on the trim work. The hardwood floors are impeccable. All in all we are VERY happy with the work Constructive Builders completed in our home. We would definitely hire them again.Read More

We hired Constructive Builders for our basement finishing project including family room with custom cabinets, full bath, guest bedroom, and studio work space. They did a great job. The quality is top notch and the project was well managed. We love our new space!Read More

We remodeled our Kitchen and Dining Area. We took down a wall, painted cabinets, replaced sinks and countertops, added hardware, added a breakfast bar, remodeled built-in dining cabinet, removed wallpaper and painted walls. The constructive builder team worked with us from design to the finished project. They had great design ideas as well as listened to our ideas, from the best layout, to colors to material types. They finished the project within the original estimated timeframe and within budget. Because we were so impressed with the work we added a few extra projects during the timeframe and the team took them on without a problem. They were fantastic to work with and would definitely recommend them to others!Read More

The Constructive Builders team completed a renovation of our upstairs bedroom. Through out the entire process they were respectful and very open with communication. One of my favorite parts of working with Constructive Builders was the General Manager, Julie. Any time I had a questions or concerns I could email or call Julie and she made sure my questions got right to Eric. I never had to worrying about playing phone tag with a general contractor, Julie took care of all that for us. The quality of work was top notch. We couldn't be happier with the new space. We plan to work with the Constructive Builders team in the future.Read More

From start to finish, Constructive Builders was fantastic to work with. We could not be more pleased with the process and end result of our second story addition. Great people, high quality work, and timely! We are so happy to recommend this wonderful company!Read More

I can't say enough good things about working with the crew at Constructive Builders. They redid my kitchen and bath from the studs up and roughed in a second bathroom. The whole experience was great. The craftsmanship is top notch. The crew are very professional and considerate. They make great suggestions and also satisfy your every desire; whether it's removing a wall, special tile for the backsplash, a unique counter top, the best deal on appliances, you name it they will do everything they can to make it happen. At the end of each day they clean up thoroughly and organize their gear which makes living in a construction zone much more tolerable. They made sure that the heat was delivered to the bathroom in the most efficient manner, and they took care ensuring that the rough-in by their subs was done perfectly. They went above and beyond on redoing the kitchen floors. And the tile work on the kitchen back splash is awesome. Their suggestion to do a built in for the bathroom shower/tub was something I didn't consider and it definitely made the bathroom. These are just a few of the many little things they did that made a huge difference to me. The best way I guess I can sum it up it that I already have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for thoughtful, caring, and skilled Constructive Builders.Read More

I helped Constructive Builders acquire a bank owned foreclosure in the Mac Groveland area of St. Paul. Against my better judgment, Eric Lunn could see potential in the house and visually see in his head what it could look like when he was done with it. Eric Lunn explained his vision to me, with such detail, that I had a pretty good idea of how the house would look when it was complete. After completion of the house remodel, I was blown away by the detail in the home, finishes and quality of the construction. It all paid off because the home sold fin multiple offers for more than what we all thought because of Eric's attention to the detail.Read More

Constructive Builders was awesome. My project was a full bathroom remodel and deck build. They were always timely and cleaned up after themselves at the end of every working day. The team working on the project was consistent (aka, the same people showed up everyday, learned who I was, etc.). They checked in on all major questions and clarified anything that would have called me to question what was going on. Eric's design eye was also great. I had a general idea of what we wanted, he was able to make cost-effective suggestions and recommend things that I never would have considered (that now look amazing). Overall, I would use them again and recommend them to any friend!Read More

Constructive Builders help me redo my kitchen. Replaced my countertops, put in a new sink and backsplash, painted my cabinets, took down a wall and replace my front door. They did a fabulous job, really great work. They are very nice guys. I hope to hire them again for my bathroom remodel!Read More

Constructive Builders are prompt, realistic, helpful and they work really hard. We hired them to remodel a small full bathroom in our 1927 bungalow home. After gutting the first floor bathroom, they discovered a 2nd floor window above the bathroom has been leaking into the wall boards and insulation of our house. They helped us figure out the cause and solution to that problem. They were able to expand the scope of their work to include gutting and replacing the wall and window above the bathroom and even helping us remodel and develop that upstairs bedroom into a dream children's bedroom with build-in beds and dressers for our children. So the scope and budget increased mid-work and what we thought would be a straight forward bathroom remodel turned into a bathroom and bedroom remodel. Constructive Builders did everything they could to work this expansion into their schedule and finish in an appropriate amount of time. I liked that they provided a decision list for us, listing fixtures we needed to pick out and they also gave us a suggestion for each decision. We ended up choosing and going with most of their suggestions as they were spot on design-wise. We would definitely hire them again. Their enthusiasm, skill and energy for design and remodeling were all very high and admirable.Read More

We remodeled our small kitchen and fixed up a bathroom. We used Constructive Builders. Eric came up with a plan for our kitchen that gave us more cabinets, more counter surface and better utilized the space we had. We had hard wood floors installed and all new appliances. They worked with us on all the decisions and maintained the integrity of our vintage home. The whole experience was great, each member of the team was professional, conscientious, and fun to have around. We absolutely love our kitchen and bath and highly recommend Eric and Constructive Builders. They will be our first call on any future projects! Thanks for making our spaces beautiful. The Websters in south MinneapolisRead More

We want to say thank you to Constructive Builders and to express how much we absolutely love our first new house. Eric helped us with design and choosing colors on our new glass railing and sliding door. Eric truly understood what style we wanted for our house, we appreciate very much for his great advice on solving problems as well. We have receiving tons of good comments on our remodel since we moved in March. We are very happy to settle down and enjoy the new house every day. Please don't hesitate using us as a reference. We look forward to seeing you in our future project. Regards, Ying and AdamRead More

Our garage and driveway were in very bad shape. Water collected in low areas of the asphalt drive way and also near the entrance to the garage. The inside walls of the garage were peeling away from the 2by4s and vines were rotting the exterior wood trim. Eric gave us a very detailed estimate of the work to be done. He hired the demolition company the storage box company the carpenters the painters the cement company. The exterior stucco was preserved the floor was removed and the new concrete floor and driveway were pored to correct the water runoff problem. New door, new paint inside and out and new lighting installed. All work exceeded our expectations.Read More

We hired Constructive Builders to renovate our unfinished basement. Eric created a floor plan and worked with his team to construct (build, tape, mud, and prime) walls, install lighting, install HVAC, install an egress window, replace four small basement windows, install trim for all windows, doors, baseboards, and stairs, and install a small 3/4 bathroom with tile floor and tile shower. We chose to put in sweat equity to paint all walls and trim, varnish all woodwork on stairs and doors, and install carpet. This saved us money, but in hindsight we would not have tried to do sweat equity, as it created more questions and issues for us than it solved. The work of Constructive Builders was very high quality, and the overall cost was competitive and affordable. Eric and his team were friendly, professional, and addressed any/all of our questions. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. We were also pleased they were local and in Arden Hills!Read More

Constructive Builders did a fabulous job on our new basement, including a brand new bath. The work was on time and the process was very smooth, respectful and professional. It felt like we were working for people who truly cared about their craft.Read More

I would highly recommend hiring Constructive Builders for any remodeling project. We bought a house that was in rough shape and they did a ton of work on it: gutted a bathroom that was falling apart and put a new one in, laid hardwood floors in some rooms, refinished hardwood in others, finished part of the basement, laid vinyl tiles in the basement, added a new half bath. Eric and Jake's attention to detail was excellent and the final product looks fantastic. They also have a good design sense, which I appreciated. They were very responsive to our questions and willing to talk through everything with us. We got three bids for this project and theirs was very competitive. A friend recommended them to me and I'm glad she did. We're so happy with the work Constructive Builders did on our house.Read More

I highly recommend Constructive Builders. I have re done a lot on my current home and have worked with a few contractors and wished all of my projects were as easy as this last one with Constructive Builders. The bid was all in writing and even offered several pricing options which I appreciated. The work was excellent and enjoyed how organized and clean everything was when completed. I will definitely be contacting them again for next project or to obtain their feedback on ideas.Read More

Constructive Builders was the perfect fit for me on my kitchen and bathroom remodel projects. Their team was really respectful, laid back and matched my natural but more modern style. I felt the bid I received was easy to understand and laid out the work well. So much better than other people who were flaky or never sent a bid or sent really vague quotes! They worked with me on a kitchen remodel and did a super great job, so then I hired them again to do my bathroom. Eric worked with me on my budget and it turned out really awesome. I think it's hard to get quality craftspeople these days, especially where you don't have to wonder if they're going to follow through. I wholeheartedly recommend that you check them out!Read More

My experience with Constructive Builders was beyond wonderful. Eric and his team were helpful, prompt, professional and incredibly skilled. Our project was massive, including a completely renovated kitchen and two bathrooms as well as structural work to the roof/exterior and many interior finishes, including hardwood floor refinishing. Eric managed all aspects of the job, including plumbing and electrical work, painting, and HVAC/furnace/duct work; I trusted Eric to select and hire subcontractors based on quality, cost and professionalism and I was VERY satisfied with his choices. I immediately experienced a sense of trust in Eric. I felt like he "got" me, my family, and my desires for our home. This process of renovating an old home into a beautiful, comfortable, classic, functional space was overwhelming at times, but Eric walked me through the steps and provided education and guidance while allowing freedom for decisions to come from me. He set and followed a budget that was realistic and responsible. I cannot imagine a project too big or too small for Constructive Builders and I wholeheartedly recommend this company. This journey was very meaningful and I am so happy with the finished product!!Read More

We have hired Constructive Builders for a few home projects and have been consistently impressed. When they did our hardwood flooring they were able to match to our existing stain perfectly. Eric also helped us determine the best route on a basement re-model project and brought many design ideas to the table. We absolutely love the results of both projects. Constructive Builders was cost effective and incedibly easy to work with. We will be calling them again for future projects.Read More

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